Whether its demonstrating new intricate techniques or hands on old world cooking, the Italian Culinary Institute's laboratories include the modern and spacious facilities for aspects of instruction and learning.

Work with Europe’s latest culinary equipment in a real world setting

Professional Italian Cuisine

With the best view on earth..

Welcome to ICI!

Our facilities are fully equipped with laboratories specifically designed for all types of instruction.

Hands on cooking takes place in labs equipped with the latest European equipment and we encourage participants to utilize all methods during long courses. Pasta, hearth breads and focaccie are prepared and baked in labs equipped with both marble and stainless tops.

Our courses include advanced cuisine, pastry, baking, gelato, food styling, charcuterie, conserves, cheesemaking and more.

ICI also leads Italy in progressive bartending courses and sommelier. This separate lab features a full bar and classes run concurrently with those of cuisine and pastry creating an atmosphere of diverse professionals under one roof at all times.

Most lunchtime meals during courses are prepared by participants in a family meal atmosphere, similar to that of a restaurant. We consider family meal to be one of the best ways to utilize new skills gained during courses while cooking for, and with, one’s peers also gives us great professional and personal satisfaction.


Most foreign students that visit our facilities and attend courses, regardless of their level of experience, are quite impressed by the equipment they work with. In Europe, different techniques are used during the preparation and cooking process where we utilize some uncommon equipment or common equipment in uncommon ways.

Although we do not endorse any specific companies, student chefs have the advantage of working with the best equipment during hands-on cooking.

Laboratories are equipped with the latest ovens, gelato machines, pasta machines, chocolate and decorating appliances and much more. Although our philosophy is that chefs should not be mechanical engineers, we feel that it benefits all participants to have the opportunity to work with the very best to make independent decisions to develop individual cooking philosophies.