ICI Alumni
your success, our pride…

The Italian Culinary Institute is represented in over 40 countries by professional organizations, cooking academies, corporations and the Culinarians who hold key positions in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

Thank you to all of our great alumni. You are the reason why the Italian Culinary Institute continues to be Italy’s premier gastronomic learning center since 1997.

Most importantly, you are the achievers that set higher standards for our industry by preparing and presenting the absolute best Italian regional cuisine in the world!

“You’re surrounded by azure blue skies and the sea as you taste, discover and learn about Italian food, history and cooking techniques. You’re not only served up incredibly tasty food every single meal, you get generous hospitality and so much shared knowledge! Definitely a trip to make in this lifetime…”
Lace Zhang
Chef, Author, Singapore
“Traditional Italian charcuterie course was one of the richest experiences I’ve had in my life, not only because of all the knowledge and practice you get at the ICI but also because of the people you meet and share with. Additional to this, the facilities, location and landscape are wonderful and make this experience an unforgettable one. Chef John Nocita and staff are great people, always helpful and full of joy of having you there and sharing their experience.”
Andrés Cubides
Salumist, Colombia
“The Italian Culinary Institute was the best professional life decision that I have made. Master Chef John Nocita is a true mentor and culinary artist. ICI opened my eyes to a world of cuisine, culture and history that has shaped my culinary career.”
Mark McDonald
Chef, Co-Owner, Sommelier: Old Vine Kitchen & Bar, Costa Mesa, CA, USA
“I am a private chef and I had the chance to come twice to the ICI, once for the charcuterie course, and earlier in 2019 for the Italian Culinary Exploration program. All the courses are great, I am planning to go back. The ICI team is amazing and the all experience very inspiring.”
Jackie Lelievre
Private Chef, France
“I was in ICI for the Traditional Italian Charcuterie course. The attention received from all ICI staff was spectacular, Chef John Nocita is a true master of teaching the art, technique and science of Charcuterie. The opportunity to exchange experience with people from all over the world is another advantage of being at ICI. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about Italian culture and gastronomy.”
Daniel Risch
Chef, Salumist, Brazil
"My time at ICI was life changing. The Masters Program changed my outlook of not just Italian cuisine, but of cuisine in itself. The holistic approach with which the course has been planned and implemented gave me the best three months I could have ever experienced in Italy. Thanks to ICI and their most amazing team, I now have deep regard for regionality in Italian cuisine, a much greater understanding and respect for ingredients, and the most amazing combination of knowledge, skills and experience to take back with me.”
Saumya Marhawa
Chef, Baker, Patissier, India
"ICI was the best thing I could have ever done for myself personally and professionally. Chef John is a true master of his trade and a genuine example of a leader. His passion for cooking and hospitality are inspiring. I constantly find myself reflecting on my times spent at ICI, using what I learned about Italian cuisine and culture to inspire others".
Rachel Barnett
Chef, Food Writer, USA
“Dear Chef John: As every orchestra has it’s conductor, my words are addressed to you, but it is obviously meant for all of your amazing team members for their dedication and support. A few months ago, I was apparently fortunate to be at the right place at the right time, to choose wisely in order to be here today. Three main characters are required in order to teach a profession. 1. Extensive knowledge and pure talent. 2. The passion for knowledge and the will to teach it and spread it to others. 3. The unique capability of doing so. You have the three of them and even more. Like a “prima ballerina” juggles between his love for cooking and his passion to teach his love to others, like a magician keeps on pulling more and more rabbits from his hat as an ever lasting fountain and thanks to your love of life and human beings, you are able to be such a natural master to your students. I wish you that in the next ten years wherever you lay your finger around the world, you will discover an enthusiastic student of yours, excited to meet you and assist you spreading your knowledge. From my point of view, despite our short acquaintance, you will always remain a master professor and a teacher for life, and I can clearly state I have a new friend in Italy. Words can not express my gratitude.”
Tal Galili
Salumist, Israel
“The course was excellent for professional Italian cuisine and advanced techniques for every type of cuisine. As well, we had a wonderful with the beauty of Calabria and the marvelous hospitality throughout. We also made friends for life.”
Stavros Manousakis
Executive Chef, Lindos Royal Hotel, Lindos, Greece
“My experience in the program at the ICI was one of excellence, teachers were experts in their fields and chef John Nocita does not let you to leave this beautiful place with doubts. He delivered all his gastronomic knowledge along with other experts that accompany him. Also you get to meet in a beautiful place and know people from all over the world, all ready to learn. No doubt a great experience that combines learning with the beauty of Italy.”
Orlando Márquez
Chef, Owner, Mexico
“Attending ICI was the best investment I have ever made for my future. Not only did we learn everything about authentic regional Italian cuisine and become better industry professionals, I learned how to taste and trust my palate. Chef John is a true master and will always be a mentor to me.”
Mike Reale
Wine Merchant, NY, USA
“In addition to the innovative techniques and recipes at ICI, Chef John’s honorable point of view and passion about food still overflows my heart with joy.”
Youngjoo Go
Owner, Chocolatier, Cacaoboom, South Korea