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In anticipation of long relationships with the world's most important Culinary Institutes and Corporations, we have striven to accentuate two important issues: quality and cost effectiveness. After all, we understand the importance that you place on offering your students, clients or employees the best possible experience.

Professional Italian Cuisine
Unlike so many other schools, the Italian Culinary Institute provides culinary professionals and home cooks with a true masters program that until recently has only been offered to Europe’s top chefs who attend courses to gain a competitive edge in the industry or to prepare for important international culinary competitions.

We Understand the Demands of the Industry
Client companies benefit from the Institute’s positioning in the hospitality sector in Italy. Managing scores of restaurants and 4 and 5 star hotels that serves hundreds of thousands of clients each year, our Instructor’s understand client trends, the ever changing demands within the industry and the necessity of efficient and innovative back of the house operations.

All Star Staff
Our instructors include Europe’s top professional cookbook authors and the most most victorious chefs in the world including Coupe De Monde Gold Medal champion Iginio Massari, the Italian members of the Italian Culinary Olympic Team, 3 MOFS, and 20 of Europe’s most renowned masters.

Financial Benefits
More and more Colleges and Corporations from all over the world are choosing the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts’ overseas culinary program in Italy. A relationship with the Institute offers our partners advantages that extend beyond the illuminating content of our courses. Our partners are extended significant discounts for groups, free places are included with every package and the representing agent, director or culinary instructor is always our guest with all expenses in Italy paid!

First Class Program in Italy’s Best Location: Calabria The Mediterranean Dream
There is no need to search a map with a magnifying glass to find our Institute. Our location in Italy is Europe’s gastronomic powerhouse of natural raw ingredients.

Three thousand years of history and its location in the heart of the Mediterranean has positioned Calabria as a center for Mediterranean cuisine. Calabria’s versatile history of Barons and Lords, conquerors and liberators, pirates and religion have all contributed to one of the most diversified cuisines in Italy. As a crossroads of culture, Calabria offers a unique insight into Italian regional Cuisine, and, most importantly, the different cultures that continually affect the evolution of their respective cuisines.

A highlight of this educational experience features dinners at some of Italy’s most unique restaurants in order to give the professional student a complete view of fine European cuisine. The program is truly First Class and everything is included in one price inclusive of all meals with wines and accommodations at a fine hotel or exclusively in private villas.

Equipped with progressive facilities, the Institute is completely financially independent utilizing no government funding or corporate sponsorships ensuring efficiency and consistency. Since we are not sponsored, we are not obligated to endorse any products enabling client chefs to gain an objective knowledge of Italian products. Custom programs can be tailored to meet specific necessities.