ICI Safety Program

The Italian Culinary Institute adheres to Italian law regarding safety and precautionary measures to help stop the spread of Covid19. 

Our objective at ICI remains the same as always: to provide the highest level of culinary and gastronomic education and to immerse our participants in delightful Italian culture. The ICI Safety Plan is aimed at ensuring the well being of our participants and staff while still giving the unique experience we are known for.

The following are some details of the ICI Safety Plan 

  • Reduced number of participants for less density.
  • Every staff member possesses a green pass.
  • All staff with the exception of cleaning staff will reside on the premises for the duration of the program therefore having less frequent exposure in crowds. Cleaning staff will have only limited contact with participants.
  • Body temperature with touchless laser thermometer required before entering premises.
  • Cleaning protocols established: national and HACCP cleaning and disinfecting protocols continue to be in effect for the school and rooms.
  • Signage is prominently displayed to promote awareness and understanding of safety protocols.
  • Entry in ICI is limited to participants and staff with the only exception being necessary maintenance. Such maintenance will be done when participants are not on the premises unless absolutely necessary.
  • Daily staff meetings to assess the local and national situation to inform participants should there be significant changes in protocol.
  • Social distancing.
  • Participants and staff are required to wear masks while moving around the facilities. Masks may be removed when sitting and cooking.
  • Masks & face shields are provided by ICI.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the school.
  • Cooking will be both individually and team based as always. When teams are chosen, the maximum size will be six participants.
  • Dining tables, bar tops, and chairs are cleaned after each use.
  • Condiments at the dining table are only available in single use vessels.
  • Open buffet at breakfast has been replaced by Ala carte and served buffet service.
  • Transport during extracurricular field trips assure safe social distancing.